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We share what Heritage means to us at !Khwa ttu

During September, Heritage Month,  we asked ourselves the question “What does Heritage mean to me?” 


“To be among people every day and share my culture with them make me feel exceptionally unique… We are the least but we have the most knowledge of nature. I shall always be proud of the culture I love… To be San feels wonderful. To be San is wonderful.”
Kerson Jackson, Guide

What does heritage mean to me?

Sanna Kruiper and Ria Reen

“Before I was ashamed to say I am Bushman. But now I can say with pride: ’I am San’. I can now also portray/reflect my culture. We San people have experienced so much. Our soil was taken from us. But our people fought for their soil. I am just very sad about our language that has died. Today I can rise to stand and say that I am a proud Bushman girl.”
Seriva Brow, Intern


“To be Bushman is like a painting on a rock – it was drawn many many years ago and it is still there. It carries strength and wisdom. I would say a Bushman is one with knowledge of the bush or nature. To be San is a privilege – to know that you are from the oldest and very first nations.”
Hendreas Vaalbooi, Gardener


“I am Riekert Beerti and I am from Northern Cape, Kimberley. I am very proud to be a San, because as a San person I can still speak and write my own language a little bit. We still have our culture and traditional dancers. We still have our knowledge of tracking, medicinal plants how to use them. Our story is passed on from generation to generation. I am very proud because other people are using our knowledge to know more.”
Riekert Beerti, Intern