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"We free our minds when we go into nature & communicate with people."

Ivan Vaalbooi

!Khwa ttu builds a bridge between the past & the future..."

Kerson Jackson

"Once we were pround hunters and later we were hunted."

Ivan Vaalbooi

"Other people's cultures have influenced our lives."

Andre Vaalbooi

Things to do

Select from our list of activities for a day of fun on the West Coast.

Training Project

Giving San people the opportunity to learn about their history and culture.

Nature Project

Share in the San way of life in the Cape Floral Region World Heritage Site.

Cultural Project

Take the kids on an explore-as-you-learn cultural excursion.

!Khwa ttu

Adventure, relaxation & education

Sweeping views, tracks through nature, guided culture tours, stylish home cooked food, exciting projects and entrance to the fascinating world of the First People, the San - !Khwa ttu has it all.

As a safe travel destination and training centre, !Khwa ttu combines adventure, relaxation and education to leave a lasting impressing and a new understanding of the phrase “San Spirit Shared”.


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