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!Khwa ttu

The “embassy” of the San of southern Africa.
Home to a very different museum.

The San are one of the last hunter-gatherer societies left on earth.

The story of the San is your story too.

It is the story of humankind.

Come to !Khwa ttu

Hear it from the San

At !Khwa ttu, the San tell their story in their own words.

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The !Khwa ttu

Award Winning San Heritage Centre

From human origins to contemporary San life. A compelling story told in three thought-provoking buildings.

!Khwa ttu | San Spirit Shared | !Khwa ttu Heritage Centre Museum

Our work at !Khwa ttu and with San across southern Africa

!Khwa ttu strives to restore dignity and cultural pride, navigating a practical path between the old ways and the new world.

We are committed to the dynamic preservation of indigenous knowledge and the development of skills to equip San to thrive in a rapidly changing southern Africa.

Our heritage restitution, conservation and responsible tourism practice creates a powerful learning experience for young San from across southern Africa.

By sharing our replicable example, expertise and information with visitors, and through forming partnerships, we leverage our impact locally and strengthen indigenous initiatives in remote communities across southern Africa.

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"We cannot change history, but we can work on making more justice in our lifetime." - Irene Staehelin