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!Khwa ttu | San Spirit Shared | !Khwa ttu San Spirit Shared
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We are passionate about wholesome, freshly prepared, locally sourced food. If it doesn’t grow or graze on the farm, we will track down a local producer or fair trade supplier for any ingredients that we need for our seasonal, bistro-style menu.

!Khwa ttu | San Spirit Shared | !Khwa ttu San Spirit Shared


As night falls and the sun sets, peace reclaims the land along with the zebra, eland, springbok, and night hares.

There is something magical about waking up at !Khwa ttu. It should not be missed.

Our accommodation ranges from farm cottages, with interiors so beautifully designed you may want to stay forever, to eco cabins hidden deep in the fynbos, each with a private hot tub.

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The shop at !Khwa ttu sells rarely found, hand-crafted gifts. Delicately beautiful ostrich shell jewellery and ‘love’ bows and arrows are examples of unique presents found in the shop.  Buying these and other gifts like them, directly benefits San makers in remote communities.