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A guided experience | !Khwa ttu San Guided Experience

A guided experience

The lives of San hunter-gatherers were governed by the seasons, weather, plants and animals.

We adopt the same approach on the West Coast, exposed to natural elements as we are, adapting our daily guided tours to suit the weather and group interests. If it’s a beautiful, fresh day we have a variety of outdoor options to choose from – a walk, a tractor ride, a cycle or a combination thereof. 

Just as our ancestors were free to roam as they wished, so our guides are free to take guests:

  • to a display on San culture past-present-future,
  • tracking – a nature skill San are particularly good at,
  • to shooting practice (with a bow and arrow of course),
  • “gathering” scents and knowledge in our medicinal garden,
  • to one of our replica San villages, where a bow and arrow takes a whole new meaning in the game of love.
  • to our art and photographic exhibitions and emerging museum.
  • to our language lesson explaining the 5 different clicks in the various San languages.

The San are great storytellers, so if it is very rainy or windy we may stick to our indoor exhibitions and use stories to open up the San world for guests. You’ll discover that there are different groups of San, all speaking different languages nuanced with a subtle array of clicks. You’ll learn about hunter-gathering, the use of plants, the role of ostrich eggs, trance dances, art and much more.

Generally, our standard tour includes a fascinating combination of the above, but is weather and interest dependent.

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