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A guest's experience | A !Khwa ttu Guest's Experience

A guest's experience

Our San guide chuckles hilariously as we try to twist our tongues around the different clicks in their language.

It's startling how little I know about the San, the different groups and their different languages. The ever smiling André gently leads us through this new world, explaining about the San’s rich past, their sad present realities and their hope for the future. I’m comforted by the thought that !Khwa ttu’s Training Academy is playing an important role in helping young San to embrace their past and prepare for a better future. 

We leave this part of the story behind us to wind through a medicinal garden with a range of wonderfully smelling indigenous plants traditionally known to remedy anything from the common cold to cancer! My friend mentions she has a sore throat and before she knows it André has her chewing on an awfully bitter tasting plant that brings some relief. I think I’ll stick to the teas they have made which I can buy in the craft shop. We stroll on, drinking in the fresh air, sweet smelling plants, chirping birds and beautiful views of the Atlantic coastline. Before long we come to a replica of a traditional San village. André demonstrates how to make a fire without firelighters (yes it is possible) and explains the importance of bows and arrows to hunter-gatherers, not to mention the little love-bows used to let a girl know you are sweet on her. 

I wish we had time to take the slightly longer tour which includes a tractor ride, the chance to see some game and watch the San display the tracking skills they are renowned for.

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