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On the Tour | Guided tours | A Journey into History Facilitated by the San People Themselves

On the Tour

!Khwa ttu aims to open visitors’ eyes to the world of the San, one of Africa’s oldest people.

The emphasis is on a “journey into history facilitated by the San people themselves,” celebrating San culture and creating opportunities for the San community. 

San guides at !Khwa ttu provide a glimpse into the rich diversity of San traditional stories and skills. There’s a spirit of forgiveness, healing and celebration– and a participation in the renewal of an ancient, wisdom-filled culture. This unique spirit is shared from the first encounter at !Khwa ttu, from the receptionist, to the smiling waiters, gardeners and tour guides.

Our guided experience A guest's experience

Contact !Khwa ttu for customized tours for school children, students, youth  groups, business groups or any special event. Alternatively join the standard 1 hour tour.

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