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Kids Holiday Special | Kids Holiday Special | Holiday fun for kids at !Khwa ttu

Kids Holiday Special

Fun for kids at !Khwa ttu this holiday

This holiday season !Khwa ttu offers daily fun-filled kids’ activities. Visit !Khwa ttu to join our holiday programme, where learning is made fun and becomes adventurous. At !Khwa ttu there are several activities suitable for children of all ages to allow a full experience of the San culture.

Your children will enjoy non-stop fun as they interact with San tour guides and other kids, while participating in a variety of kid-centric activities including arts & crafts, cycling, games, nature and much more!

Activities for kids 6-12For children 6 – 12:

Every day starting at 9am, bring your mountain bike or use one of ours and we will take you on an amazing bike ride to explore the best game paths on the reserve. The San guide will show you where to collect materials so that you can make your own traditional bow and arrow. Learn how to shoot and track animals. This adventure lasts 1.5 hours, and is fit for boys and girls between 6 and 12 years.

Every tour costs R75 and it includes cold drinks and refreshments. The same tour is repeated in the afternoon.

Supervised activities for kidsFor children under six:

We also offer daily supervised activities for children under 6 years under the big old belhambra tree next to the restaurant where Donika will sing and teach traditional San songs, dances and children’s games, show how to identify the most basic animal and bird tracks and offer pictures to colour in. This is for free, lasts for an hour at a time and is repeated throughout the day.

We promise this to be a whole lot of fun for children of all ages while parents can enjoy our restaurant and a relaxing getaway, breathing invigorating West Coast air in a tranquil setting.

For reservations please contact us on 022 492 2998 or

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