The !Khwa ttu San Heritage Centre

For many years San across the Kalahari had dreamt of having their own heritage centre, or museum, to present their San story in their own words. In 2014 !Khwa ttu committed itself to realising this dream.

Nearly five years later, on Heritage day, September 24th, 2018, we launched our world class !Khwa ttu San Heritage Centre dedicated to the history, livelihoods, challenges and successes of all San groups in southern Africa. Our centre is the only one of its kind dedicated to the story of southern Africa’s first people.

Our undertaking has involved years of community consultation. Our co-curated exhibitions are all undertaken by a team of San Consultants and community based San Pioneers working closely with a wider community of world leading academics and exhibition designers.

Our exhibitions follow our San mandate of ‘telling our story in our own words, past, present and future’. In two beautifully repurposed farm buildings, respectively named ‘First People’ and ‘Encounters’, we present themes ranging from storytelling to human origins, rock art, colonial encounters and current community initiatives.

In our third, eco-designed, ‘Way of the San’ building, we use cutting edge immersive technology and innovative gallery design to introduce visitors to the realities of life as a San gatherer and hunter. Best of all, join one of our guided tours and enjoy a first-hand account of San life and the sort of knowledge required to live well just from what nature provides.

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