eBikes at !Khwa ttu

Enjoy a unique San-Guided tour on an eBike- experience unforgettable freedom while riding effortlessly through a beautiful landscape.

Our unique eBike tour is professionally guided and offers a compelling insight into the traditional lifestyle of the San, their culture, heritage and ancient survival skills. This tour will lead you to a replica village where your guide will share San culture with humble pride.

The riding takes place on !Khwa ttu Private Nature Reserve where trails and routes were diligently developed in order to share with our riders the most beautiful attractions. The eBike routes are purpose-built with varied single track that follows the herds of game. The thrilling route passes several waterholes and offers excellent views and amazing game encounters.

The eBike guides are professional and dedicated to delivering a rewarding experience.

They take great pleasure in leading our eBikers to experience the great outdoors first hand with dreamlike easy rides which encapsulate everything people love about biking – the adventure, challenge, adrenaline fix combined with fun social riding and re-learning ancient knowledge.

Tours are customised on request and the route is adapted to meet your specific requirements and abilities.

Duration is 90 minutes and includes a drink.

Come and ride easy at !Khwa ttu with 0% emission and 100% emotion!

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