Children's Trails

Are you looking for fun activities for your kids to do on the West Coast?

!Khwa ttu is just the place. We are a family-focused adventure destination that caters for everyone, from kids’ adventure cycling trails, serious single tracks MTB to relaxing restaurant. !Khwa ttu promotes a healthy lifestyle for the whole family, by encouraging fun outdoor activities such as riding and running, or inspirational San cultural activities.

The trail will enthrall kids as they ride through the seemingly never-ending, easy winding trail, weaving uphill past rocks, around tree trunks or over obstacles to eventually discovering a lost San village housing ancient objects and age old tools. The freshest air can be inhaled deeply at the top of the hill, before the trail starts the pedal-paced descent past a game watering hole. Now follows a fast and furious downhill ride over flying ramps returning them back to the start where, no doubt, they will want to do it all over again, and again. Moms and dads can cycle the 10 km wild single track or take on the 30 km farm trail. Or simply relax in the restaurant from where they can follow every step of the kids trail.

The magic of !Khwa ttu  lies in our wide open spaces, stunning views, "lekker" food in our restaurant and a host of cultural activities to keep all members of the family actively involved. We are situated on the R27 with the sight and sound of the ocean in the distance and the fresh breeze of coastal living in your hair.

!Khwa ttu  has evolved to become synonymous with adventure activities on the West Coast with a playground large enough for adults and kids. The perfect family outing!

Every weekend for kids at !Khwa ttu

!Khwa ttu offers, every weekend,  fun-filled kids’ activities. Join our special Kiddies Bike San Tour every Saturday and Sunday at 9am. This 1 hour tour is fit for boys and girls between 6 and 12 years, making learning fun and adventurous. This MTB tour will  allow a full experience of the San culture.

Children will enjoy non-stop fun as they interact with San tour guides and other kids, while participating in a variety of kid-centric activities including arts & crafts, cycling, games, nature and more!

So bring your kids and their mountain bikes and we will take them on an amazing bike ride to explore our brand new Kiddies Bike San Tour. The San guide will show the children where to collect materials so they can make their own traditional bow and arrow. They learn how to shoot arrows and track animals.

Every tour costs R75 and includes cold drinks and refreshments.

Having a party? Why not book a spot in the garden and order some of our delicious party platters, or book a guide and take a group of kids out on a mountain bike ride they’ll never forget. Our open spaces and fun activities will make your child’s party an unforgettable experience.

For those wanting to simply have a relaxing, hassle-free day out, away from the bustling city life – !Khwa ttu is the place to be, come give us a visit!