Kuru Art @ !Khwa ttu Exhibition

May 2024

!Khwa ttu | San Spirit Shared | !Khwa ttu San Spirit Shared
                Qhaqhoo Xare • Herd of Eland • 103cm x 60cm
           Ntcisa Kase • Secretary Bird • 62,5cm x 79,5cm

Kuru Art @ !Khwa ttu

This temporary exhibition showcases a vibrant collection of oil on canvas paintings created by talented Naro artists supported by Kuru Art Project in Botswana.  

In the past San expression had no written form, but from the earliest times, art has been a powerful channel through which “their past, the world they live in, and their hopes are articulated.”

The paintings of the exhibition are available for sale, on behalf of the artists.  Some may still be available when you read this, email Magdalena at curator@khwattu.org if you are interested in owning a beautiful artwork which also supports a San artist.

Hear it from the San

Enter the world of the San, southern Africa’s First People.