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Our training courses | Our training courses

Our training courses

Over the next three years !Khwa ttu’s training project aims to evolve the current course into comprehensive mentorship and training of San youth over a 3 year period.

In Year 1 San students will participate in our entry level skills training course. This course orientates the students to !Khwa ttu,  improves their life skills, grounds the students in San culture, teaches them to share this culture by developing guide skills. This includes the art of tracking, the use of medicinal plants and herbs for food and wildlife management. Exposure to different jobs at !Khwa ttu (anything from fencing to finance) gives entry level students practical work experience and helps them to understand their interests.

Our intention is to invite successful students to return to !Khwa ttu for a second and third year as paid interns, where they will gain experience in their area of interest, receive mentorship and additional skills training, and prepare to follow their chosen career path.

After the third year the aim is for students to exit !Khwa ttu to study further, enter into the job market or start their own business.

||Kabbo Academy and our entry level skills training course

Please donate to help San participate in a 3 year mentorship and training programme.

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