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Responsible Tourism at !Khwa ttu | Responsible Tourism at !Khwa ttu

!Khwa ttu Responsible Tourism

!Khwa ttu strives to uphold the principles of Responsible Tourism and deliver a responsible, high quality tourism experience to visitors. 

To this end:

  • We train our staff to provide a uniquely San tourism experience that meets the highest industry standards, and develop the underlying systems and structure to support our staff.
  • Appropriately restore and share San heritage and culture – helping to empower the San community.
  • We are allowing our farmland to recover, removing alien vegetation, reintroducing indigenous game and plants, implementing water and energy saving mechanisms and transforming toward green energy infrastructure.
  • We strive for financial sustainability through delivery of responsible, market-led tourism products and services, and seek to procure locally in order to support and grow the rural economy.

Please donate to support our project to improve our responsible tourism practice – including infrastructure, people, systems, service and product development.

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