Ostrich eggshell jewelry and printed material

All of us who work here at !Khwa ttu, and the people who support our project, believe that San-owned businesses and initiatives are vital to alleviate the severe poverty that most San still have to live with every day.

Therefore !Khwa ttu offers the San craftsmen of Southern Africa an attractive outlet for their products.

We are pleased to be able to say that all of our arts and crafts are genuinely produced by San people living in villages based within the remotest parts of Southern Africa. 

We also subscribe to fair trade practices in our contracts and dealings with San suppliers and artists.

Ostrich eggshel jewelry

Some of the most beautiful pieces which you can find in our shop have been made from ostrich eggshells.
  • For hundreds of years the San have produced ostrich eggshell jewellery using only simple hand tools.

  • This is an extremely slow and laborious process which requires a great deal of skill.

  • In our shop you can purchase the most up-to-date designs as well as traditional pieces; such as stunning necklaces, bracelets, wraps and bags.

  • We also offer San paintings, bow and arrows, wooden carvings and many more items.

Printed material

Beautiful hand bags, material, table cloths, aprons and clothing are available from our craft shop, all with authentic San prints.