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!Khwa ttu | San Spirit Shared | |Kunta Boo - Owner of Healing

|Kunta Boo – Owner of Healing

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of |Kunta Boo, a renowned and much loved Ju|’hoansi healer. |Kunta Boo with his wife N!ai...
!Khwa ttu | San Spirit Shared | Sounds of the Namib Desert - with !Khwa ttu

Sounds of the Namib Desert – with !Khwa ttu

Here is a link to something revitalising that you may have missed. It is about those deep nature relationships we must hang on to as we remain stuck in our...
!Khwa ttu | San Spirit Shared | Coronavirus - reflections

Coronavirus – reflections

Two weeks ago I saw an email from a Ju/’hoansi community member asking for information about this terrible new disease they are hearing rumours about. He asked if it goes...