Our Alumni of Former Trainees

Messages from our 2014 trainees

“Khwa ttu is such a lovely place which provides such a quality education. What I like most about the course is that it is based on San issues. I wish !Khwa ttu should go forward also for the young generation to learn what I have or am learning.“ Thomas Sekepese

“This is a place which ploughs a person’s mind and eyes open. It gives new knowledge to the young San people. This is the right place to be for me because it’s where the foundation of the San lies for future.” Andoons Rooi

“I have learnt much about our culture.” Frances Tanitue

“This training will also change the lifestyle that I am living in Namibia, whereby I will go change things at home, also in my community. “ Paulina Swartbooi

“. . . but I want to learn more after this and we will be professional tour guides in future and return to our communities to show them that we really have talent in our life skills.“ Daunuvan van Rooi

“The benefit I gain out of this is more than just a skill, it’s about encouraging myself. “ Filemon Rooi

“It is such a pleasure for me to be at !Khwa ttu, because I learn many different things every new day.” Johanna Katemba

“You also get an opportunity to work in different kinds of departments. So far I learnt many things here.” Anita Harnoster

“!Khwa ttu is the beginning of big things. From here doors will be unlocked and we as the trainees can look forward for our great future.” Heinrich Tieties

“I am still happy to continue the journey of learning new things that will bring me a skill.” Nangura Hoffeni

“I will encourage my friends and other young ones to apply for this training because it is a great opportunity.” Nxau Abram-Visser

“I was very empty of knowledge but as time goes by I can see that I got something new that I didn’t have before. I’m a changed person now.”  Matheus Matendi

“I foresee !Khwa ttu last far in the future because it is such a unique site where San people themselves are taking part.  They have the opportunity to study freely.” Sarah Lesego Hendrick

“It is actually going to be my bread winner tools and it will open doors that I never thought I will have keys for.” Benitha Geibes

“I politely ask the supporters to proceed to support this programme as it gives huge positiveness to the San.” Appolia Dabe

Chronological Alumni name list 2015 – 2008


South AfricaNamibiaBotswana
Beregho, JosefStefanus, AmedKitsiso, Gakelekgolelwe
Dixon, MargaretFillipus, Shikongo 
Frans, Justa  
Kok, Sharenece  
Makina, Marlene  
Mberegho, Magret  
Swarts, Koos  
Thys, Shermoney  


South AfricaNamibiaBotswana
Bock, AnalizeAmutenya, JostinaDaxo, Ontiretse
Friedburg, NathanJosef, MartinGabobonwe, Omphile
Kamamba, JoubertKana, Anton Motshabi, Omphile 
Van der Byl, RichardMboo, Xhamarere  
Witbooi, Fineza  


South AfricaNamibiaBotswana
Harnoster, Anita Dabe, Appolia Abraham-Visser, Nxau 
Matendi, MatheusGeibes, BenithaHendrick, Sarah
Rooi, FilemonHoffeni, NanguraSekepese, Thomas
Tieties, HeinrichKatembo, Johanna  
Van Rooi, Daunuvan Rooi, Andoons 
 Swartbooi, Paulina 
 Tanitue, Frances 

2012 - 2013

South AfricaNamibiaBotswana
Bladbeen, BrendaMushavanga, ChrisDinyando, Sameul
Diribi, Domingo Mmaba, Nkgomotsang
Jack, Rita Mmaba, Sedido
Maliti, Castro Moruti, Hannie
Sibongo, Matios Peter, Kerapetse Bantu
  Sheregwe, Mokgalagadi

2011 - 2012

South AfricaNamibiaBotswana
Kumbo, RaymondKazibe, SimonMogomotsi, Mmoloki
Makua, Ben Motsokwe, Itibiseng
  Qomma, Morica
  Qonako, Kabathukutha
  Swartz, Robert
  Xing, Xomae

2010 - 2011

South AfricaNamibiaBotswana
Bok, JohnnyJakob, PaulusAndries, Elsie
Dikuwa, Peter||Khumub, Moses Gobototwe, Jobe
Kariseb, Johannes Singonhi, David Thamku, Bersie
Kleinman, Karel   
Mojo, Simon   
Munyeni, Gelozi   

2009 - 2010

South AfricaNamibiaBotswana
Koper, ElricoBeregho, JohannesBob, Ncoaka
Lukas, Magdalena Morris, Annah
Ndumba, Gawie  
Ntodo, Sonia  
Seekoei, Juliana (Deceased)  
Selunda, Antonio  

2008 - 2009

South AfricaNamibiaBotswana
Chimbende, JoaquimAis, Anna 
Coetzee, Collin  
Kabihala, Arnestu  
Kadhimo, Nunke  
Vaalbooi, Andre  
Vaalbooi, Ivan  
Vaalbooi, Hendrik   
Sinhanque, Lotsia   


South AfricaNamibiaBotswana
Eiman, Leadra  
Jackson, Kerson  
Ndeja, Roman  
Samba, Kondino  
Thys, Adries  
Thys, Helena  
Vaalbooi, Johan  
Training alumni