Requirements and Application Form:

The ideal trainee must be able to tick all items on this checklist:

Trainee requirements

  • Submit this Application Form that includes a CV as well as any extra pages as needed, by 9 December, annually.

  • Be a San man or woman between the ages of 20 and 30 years old

  • Have at least 10 years of formal education

  • Be proficient in English and have above average communication skills

  • Be committed and self-motivated to work hard both practically and academically

  • Be motivated

  • Have a keen interest in San culture and contemporary San issues

  • Have a strong motivation to work in a San community-based tourism project upon completion of the training course.

  • Be able to complete a training course of eight months duration in a remote area at the West Coast of South Africa, where winters may be cold and wet

The trainees will receive a nominal allowance per month for toiletries, will share rooms in a dormitory and at times will cook for themselves. !Khwa ttu will cover costs for return transport from a main bus port. However, !Khwa ttu will not be able to provide assistance in obtaining passports and training visas.

Please e-mail your fully completed application forms and attachments to or fax them to 0862658817.

Kabbo requirements and application