7-month Funded Workplace Residencies

To deepen their skills and experience in the field of their choice, !Khwa ttu plans to offer 7 month residencies for promising alumni showing interest and an aptitude for working in the kitchen, restaurant, housekeeping, maintenance, emerging museum, administration, management, marketing or sales.

The residencies include structured mentorship in the workplace, additional skills courses relevant to their needs and exposure to other establishments to create a frame of reference for things they may have no experience of.

This experience will enable them to start their own business ventures or gain positions in the field of their choice with employers looking for work experience.

Funding appeal

Should you be interested in sponsoring a student to do the 7 month Community-based tourism training programme, or one of the alumni to undertake a 1 year workplace residency, please contact:

!Khwattu General Manager Michael Daiber:

Training Manager Shaun Dunn:

Tel: +27 (0)22 492 2998

Thank you for taking the time to consider our appeal for funding to support empowerment of San youth through training and skills development.