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Our nature project

!Khwa ttu lies within a recognized Biosphere Reserve with globally unique, important and endangered biodiversity. It also falls within the Cape Floral Region a recognized World Heritage Site

Through our nature project !Khwa ttu has and will continue to allow the land to recover from wheat and sheep farming activities, remove alien vegetation which is a huge fire hazard and threat to biodiversity, and re-introduce indigenous wildlife (Eland, Zebra, Springbok). Holistic management practice will be introduced over the next few years to facilitate the recovery process.

In addition, in developing and maintaining our natural and built infrastructure, !Khwa ttu is trying to emulate traditional San culture, by living and working with nature - saving energy and water and transforming our infrastructure and operations toward green energy solutions.

Over the next few years our intention is to develop !Khwa ttu into a Holistic Management and Green Infrastructure learning site.

Our nature project
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