On Heritage Day, 2018, the only heritage centre in the world dedicated to the San opened at !Khwa ttu.

It is a remarkable resource, with three interlinked elements – the Heritage Centre building at !Khwa ttu, community satellites, and a digital archive.

  • The Heritage Centre building at !Khwa ttu:  Co-curated by San communities, it serves as a vibrant demonstration of culture and beliefs, and will articulate previously untold indigenous experiences.
  • Community satellites: will be located with partner organisations in carefully identified sites around southern Africa.  These satellite heritage centres will allow active engagements with remote rural communities.
  • A digital archive: The San are probably the most recorded indigenous group in existence, and yet virtually none of them know of this documentary cornucopia.  The digital archive will change this, linking the community satellites, the !Khwa ttu Heritage Centre, and the world.

For more information, go to www.khwattuheritagecentre.org.