Community Satellites

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!Khwa ttu | San Spirit Shared | Khwattu community satellites

Engagement and Connection

!Khwa ttu is developing community satellites across the Kalahari. Under a strategy of San curatorship, these satellites will employ the latest indigenous archival software to enable communities to curate their own archives and engage globally. Critically, it will be the San themselves, within their communities, who decide what, and how much, of their data they wish to share.

As well as enabling San communities to access the digital archive, the satellites provide opportunities for global interaction. San will be able to see and comment on digital content about them held all over the world. Museums and school groups will be able to connect with San via video links. The satellite centres will serve as information hubs, for personal, educational, economic, or advocacy purposes. Scholars and members of the general public will be able to seek out and explore San life, authentically and legitimately.

By bringing together this wealth of knowledge under one digital roof, we allow for new engagements with the San, with human origins, with indigenous rights and with history.