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Creating hope in southern Africa

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Our work at !Khwa ttu


Today, most San live trapped on the edges of society unable to practice traditional hunting and gathering, or to access the education, training and work experience which bring new livelihoods and opportunities.

Our 'Partnerships for Learning' programme enables us to support marginalised San youth with schooling, further education and training. San interns attending the ||Kabbo Academy at !Khwa ttu can gain work experience, heritage and livelihood training.

We have long experience of hosting groups, including school and student groups of all ages, and are as happy working within the constraints of curriculum as we are creating customised experiences.

For more information, or to support San schooling, education, training and internships, please contact Ri Vermooten.

||Kabbo Academy

All !Khwa ttu's learning initiatives and partnerships take place under the auspices of the ||Kabbo Academy.  To hear from our learners themselves, or to learn more about the ||Kabbo Academy's work click here.

Sustainable Livelihood Internships

!Khwa ttu's residential sustainable livelihood internship is a context sensitive programme which has taken years to develop.  It  creates a unique bridge for San to the world of further study, work, business and hope.

Village Schools and solarSPELL

Through emerging partnerships our Heritage Centre is sharing information to improve heritage education, equip teachers and strengthen schools in southern Africa.

Irene Staehelin Scholarship Fund

Our participation in the emerging Irene Staehelin Scholarship Fund means we can help support the further education and training of outstanding San learners.

!Khwa ttu San Spirit Shared


At !Khwa ttu we use indigenous, scientific and rehabilitation knowledge to inform conservation practice at a landscape, ecosystem and species level.

Your support will help us to continue and expand our conservation efforts.  For more information, or to support !Khwa ttu Conservation please contact  Dr. Tracey Phillips.

Cape West Coast Biosphere Reserve

!Khwa ttu lies within both the Cape West Coast Biosphere Reserve and the Cape Floristic Region, a biodiversity hotspot.  The importance of this area is such that SANParks initiated a landowner partnership to promote climate change adaptation, biodiversity conservation and the development of a conservation economy along the West Coast Biodiversity corridor.  !Khwa ttu is an active participant in the Landowners Association which makes us part of a 5,200 ha Conservation Area buffering the West Coast National Park.

UNESCO recognised Cape Floristic Region

Fynbos vegetation types found on the land include a mixture of Hopefield Sand Fynbos and Swartland Granite Renosterveld; both are threatened and in need of both protection and restoration.

Safeguarding critical biodiversity - water & wetlands

Around 300 hectares of the Nature Reserve at !Khwa ttu have been identified as containing critical biodiversity linked to water and wetlands - sensitive water usage allows the re-charging of the important regional aquifer below ground, and healthy wetland ecosystem functioning above ground.

Species conservation

!Khwa ttu protects habitat that could provide a home to the endangered geometric tortoise (IUCN red data list), the extremely rare butterfly Stygionympha dicksoni and several other fynbos and renosterveld plants listed on South Africa's red data list.  We are open to partnering with initiatives to protect these highly endangered species.

!Khwa ttu San Spirit Shared
Our work at !Khwa ttu

Culture & Heritage

!Khwa ttu's extensive and vibrant spread of heritage activities means there is always something that we are developing in hand with outside funders.

Moreover, the flexible nature of our approach, means we are always ready to listen should outside funders wish to explore ways they might partner with us or contribute to our work.

For more information please contact Dr Chris Low.

Current funding opportunities:

Community Satellites

To support as many San as possible we are co-creating community 'museum and livelihood satellites' across southern Africa. Satellites focus on heritage, education and livelihoods.

Each satellite community leads how they wish to engage with !Khwa ttu's resources and network opportunities.

!Khwa ttu Digital Archiving

Our digital archiving projects ensure that San heritage remains alive, relevant and potent among San communities.

Current archiving projects include making a virtual !Khwa ttu museum to take to remote San communities, working with communities to record and mobilise their heritage through digital media and the digitisation of 'grey literature' amongst others.


We are always interrogating and exploring the relevance of our exhibitions so opportunities to support current, or  new exhibitions are generous.

Brilliant exhibitions you could support or sponsor currently include the Alcohol Exhibit, the Language Exhibit and an Animated land dispossession map.

!Khwa ttu San Spirit Shared

Responsible Tourism

We practice responsible tourism, which means we operate in a socially, ecologically and financially responsible and sustainable manner.

Our aim is to become a self-sustaining social enterprise where our core operational costs are financed with revenue from our responsible tourism activities.

Your support can help us to develop new, unique San cultural heritage experiences and products, expand our visitor infrastructure, strengthen our marketing and sales, and showcase Responsible Tourism practice. 

For more information on supporting our Responsible Tourism work please contact Michael Daiber.


Through our Heritage Centre we support San cultural heritage restitution.  This is the foundation of human and indigenous rights to self-determination and development. We also support our local community and San beneficiaries with education, training and jobs.  Our emerging partnerships will allow us to support and strengthen schools and teachers in remote San communities across Southern Africa.


We support the Sustainable Development, National Biodiversity and Convention for Aichi Biodiversity goals through biodiversity conservation and sustainable practices.  Our work in this area encompasses biodiversity conservation, climate action, sustainable production and consumption, integrated waste management, renewable energy and 'green' infrastructure, and responsible water use.


Our intention is to become a self-sustaining social enterprise.  In 2019 we generated 60% of our core costs from responsible tourism, the balance was generously contributed by the Ubuntu Foundation in Switzerland.  The majority of these funds are spent locally, thereby contributing several million rand to the local economy each year.

NB Product development - merchandising and tours

!Khwa ttu San Spirit Shared