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Creating hope in southern Africa

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Our work at !Khwa ttu


Today, most San live trapped on the edges of society unable to practice traditional hunting and gathering, or to access the education, training and work experience which bring new livelihoods and opportunities.

Our 'Partnerships for Learning' programme enables us to support marginalised San youth with schooling, further education and training. San interns attending the ||Kabbo Academy at !Khwa ttu can gain work experience, heritage and livelihood training.

We have long experience of hosting groups, including school and student groups of all ages, and are as happy working within the constraints of curriculum as we are creating customised experiences.

For more information, or to support San schooling, education, training and internships, please contact Ri Vermooten.

!Khwa ttu San Spirit Shared


At !Khwa ttu we use indigenous, scientific and rehabilitation knowledge to inform conservation practice at a landscape, ecosystem and species level.

Your support will help us to continue and expand our conservation efforts.  For more information, or to support !Khwa ttu Conservation please contact  Dr. Tracey Phillips.

!Khwa ttu San Spirit Shared
Our work at !Khwa ttu

Culture & Heritage

!Khwa ttu's extensive and vibrant spread of heritage activities means there is always something that we are developing in hand with outside funders.

Moreover, the flexible nature of our approach, means we are always ready to listen should outside funders wish to explore ways they might partner with us or contribute to our work.

For more information please contact Dr Chris Low.

Current funding opportunities:

!Khwa ttu San Spirit Shared

Responsible Tourism

We practice responsible tourism, which means we operate in a socially, ecologically and financially responsible and sustainable manner.

Our aim is to become a self-sustaining social enterprise where our core operational costs are financed with revenue from our responsible tourism activities.

Your support can help us to develop new, unique San cultural heritage experiences and products, expand our visitor infrastructure, strengthen our marketing and sales, and showcase Responsible Tourism practice. 

For more information on supporting our Responsible Tourism work please contact Michael Daiber.

!Khwa ttu San Spirit Shared