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Fabulous friends

Baby-Rose and Jolene, in the restaurant at !Khwa ttu

“I first met the actress Jolene Martin before lockdown this year. I immediately recognised her because I follow the soapie she acts in. From the beginning we clicked, we felt like family, we shared openly. To begin with we were friends, but now we are sisters. At her last visit here I asked if she would write down for me why she is so much in love with !Khwa ttu. Here are her words:

“I play the role of Beatrice, the high-school mistress on the South African Telenovela “Arendsvlei.”

 I discovered !Khwa ttu on one of my many solo 4×4 trips. Upon moving to Cape Town I drove up the famous West Coast Road and noticed the signs to this San cultural experience. Being of Khoe indigenous descent I decided a visit was mandatory.

I resolved to visit !Khwa ttu after researching it on the internet and seeing how deeply they were involved in restoring heritage pride for my people.

My message to other Capetonians and South Africans regarding visiting !Khwa ttu is that this is a heritage goldmine. The amount of knowledge held here cannot be missed. It is crucial as a leisure holiday with your children to gently introduce them to the ancient knowledge of the indigenous people, the first people of the planet, and restore their respect for the world within which they live today. The !Khwa ttu experience is life-changing for adults and children alike.”

 Jolene is such a natural person, straightforward, helpful and in one word, just amazing. I believe this friendship of ours and her friendship with !Khwa ttu will stay as special as it is now.”

Baby Rose Vilander, Tourism Manager