Contemporary San Art Exhibition

Throughout May 2024

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Kuru Art @ !Khwa ttu

Throughout May 2024, !Khwa ttu Heritage Centre is commemorating 30 years of democracy in South Africa, and celebrating our unity as Africans for Africa Month.

At the heart of activities is a temporary exhibition and vibrant showcase of paintings created by talented Naro artists supported by Kuru Art Project in Botswana.  

In the past San expression had no written form, but from the earliest times, art has been a powerful channel through which their past, the world they live in, and their hopes are articulated.”

We were delighted that some of the Kuru artists were at !Khwa ttu for the opening of the exhibition, and for some of days afterwards.  A rare opportunity for visitors to engage directly with the artists who have created the distinctive, energetic and beautiful paintings on show.

The paintings of the exhibition are available for sale, on behalf of the artists.

There will be lots going on during the month - interactive sessions, tours and engaging conversations about art, democracy and African heritage.

Don’t miss out – it’s your Africa too!

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70 km (about 1 hour’s drive) from Cape Town’s city centre, near Yzerfontein and Darling.

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Well-behaved pets, and dogs on leads, are welcome.