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Route 27: Going Back West

27 Mar 2014

Many Capetonians are much like the proverbial doctor’s child who is always sick, or the mechanic with a car that is constantly on the fritz. They dream of far-away holiday destinations and plan elaborate family trips in their minds to international destinations, when they have access to arguably one of the top travel destinations in the world.

And although they are all utterly worthy attractions, there’s so much more to the Cape than beautiful wine estates, a famous mountain and a former prison island, where a very noble and noteworthy man was once imprisoned.

Take the Cape West Coast for instance. It’s easily accessible, beautiful and diverse, can equally be planned in short weekend bursts, or as long leisurely trips down various coastal regions, and it certainly won’t take years of savings to do it. How many times have you found yourself saying “this year, I am going to take my family to explore and learn more about our own province and its people?” 

Well, seize the day! Why don’t you grab a map and start planning? To get started, we’ll give you a couple of pointers for a family weekend break!

A Darling little town

Driving from Cape Town on the R27, less than an hour in, you will see the !Khwa ttu sign on your right-hand side. Pull in, unpack, kick off your shoes and drink in the tranquil surroundings. This San Culture and Education Centre, near the quaint little town of Darling, could easily be your anchor destination from which to explore the delightful offerings of various towns in the West Coast.

Kwhattu  offers a holistic experience in San culture, arts, relaxation, culinary enjoyment and education. Take the kids on an explore-as-you-learn excursion with a one and a half-hour San guided tour, including:

  • A tractor ride
  • An easy walk on the trail
  • A visit to a replica traditional San village
  • An introduction to the San languages

!Khwa ttu also offers comfortable, yet affordable accommodation. Choose between the Bush or Guest House or the more adventurous Bush Village Camp with the option to include breakfast. The restaurant boasts delightful Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter menu, with items starting at R48.

Darling might be small, but there is a lot on offer for lovers of nostalgia, flowers and food and wine alike.


Next up on your travels, approximately 25km further north up the West Coast, is Yzerfontein. Here you are certain to find something to do, whether you are an avid hiker, 4x4 enthusiasts, whale watcher, or angler.

Take a day trip to the West Coast National Park

Less than 30km from !Khwa ttu, you will find the West Coast National Park, where you can enjoy everything from water sports and mountain biking, to bird watching and flower displays (August – September). You might even spot some antelope in the Postberg-section of the park.

A day in your life

There are a total of 44 towns and endless activities to choose from.

Even if not for a weekend, there is also plenty of scope for day trips, since many of these beautiful gems are but one to two hours’ drive from Cape Town.

If you’re on a budget, pack your tjoppies, cozzies, braairooster and sunscreen, car pool with some friends and make a day of it!

Sometimes you will not know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory! – Dr Seuss –

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