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!Khwa ttu Newsletter

31 Mar 2015

!Khwa ttu Newsletter November 2014Experience Nature

!Khwa ttu Mountain Bike Trail

Now Open!

A wonderful MTB ride with well marked trails for all levels of riders - variety, fun, relaxed, great views - at a family venue. 

No bundu-bashing

Route Facts:

Total Distance: 10km or 32km
Total assent: 840m
Cost per ride: R30 per person
Opening hours: 7 days per week
8am to 5pm (earlier or later hours can be arranged)

Learn @ !Khwa ttuLearn @ !Khwa ttu
Feedback from the ||Kabbo Academy

Young San from all over Southern Africa arrive annually at the accredited training centre at !Khwa ttu to obtain skills certificates in Nature and cultural guiding. 

The sixth group of trainees have recently come to the successful completion of their 8 month San Community based Tourism Training Programme.

News at !Khwa ttuNews @ !Khwa ttu
What's happening over the Holiday Season

Summer has started and everyone is welcoming the sun after a cold and wet winter. For the summer holidays we will be having two MTB fun races, we hope that you can join us!

Please contact Jacky on 022 492 2998 to book a spot.


Stay @ !Khwa ttuStay @ !Khwa ttu
Revive your soul

Come and relax in our newly renovated cottages and bedded tents. We welcome families, groups of friends, couples or travelers.

To explore our gallery, san guided tours, cozy restaurant, while enjoying the tranquility of a convenient base of the West Coast.

Eat @ !Khwa ttuEat @ !Khwa ttu
Food our way

Our restaurant offers delicious meals to savour and experience. Fresh herbs, salads and game from the farm make out for an authentic meal experience prepared by our friendly kitchen staff. Jane (our new chef) have been building up a blizzard of new sensations to add to our traditional dishes. If you are looking to twinkle your taste buds come and join us for a ‘lekke’ meal.

Conferencing @ !Khwa ttuConferencing @ !Khwa ttu
Do your meetings and teambuilding sessions @ !Khwa ttu

Bring your team and let !Khwa ttu take care of the rest. We have a fully fitted private conference room and can tailor make your specifice needs. 

Contact Jacky for more information.

Sunsets @ !Khwa ttu Discover @ !Khwa ttu
Entrance is Free!

We will take you on an exciting journey of discover into the world of Southen Africa's San or Bushmen people. Experience a culture inspired by ancient knowledge and traditional folklore. Besides the San-guided walking tours, we combine adventure, relaxation and education. !Khwa ttu will leave a lasting expression and a new understanding of the phrase "San Spirit Shared".
Did you know?

The springbok inhabit dry inland areas of South Africa and Southern Africa. Their range extends from the North West part of South Africa through the Kalahari Desert into Namibia and Botswana.

Springboks feed through the day in colder weathers or through the night at particularly hot times of the year.
Kerson Jackson-!Khwa ttu Guide


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