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!Khwa ttu Newsletter Issue 4

21 Sep 2015

!Khwa ttu Newsletter issue 4San Spirit Shared

Spring is in the air 

It is spring & !Khwa ttu is covered with cast carpets of white, yellow, violet & orange blossoms. Spring is the season for nature lovers in the Western Cape. If you've never had the change to experience the flowers of the West Coast, pack the car & head for nature's great displays. Better still, leave the car & explore on our hiking and mountain-biking routes. !Khwa ttu is only a stone's throw away from one of the best flower-viewing hotspots in the Cape Region, namely Postberg in the West Coast National Park. Before you return, be sure to visit our brand new Museum Dream and photographic exhibition, Traces and Tracks.

Learn @ !Khwa ttuLearn @ !Khwa ttu
Feedback from the ||Kabbo Academy

With but 6 weeks of training remaining for the 2015 intake, the classroom becomes a beehive, humming with activity to complete portfolios, attend the last workshops & prepare for the crucial practical nature guiding assessments. This frenzied activity is interspersed, fortunately, by wonderful opportunities providing relief, such as nature walks & MTB events. The sweet reward at the end will be to meet all requirements & graduate on 30 October.

Traces & Tracks Launch at !Khwa ttuTraces & Tracks Launch @ !Khwa ttu
A Must See

!Khwattu is proud to announce the launch of a NEW exhibition on Saturday, the 31stOctober 2015 at 11h00. The Traces and Tracks Photographic Exhibit documents Paul Weinberg’s intimate perspective on the lives of modern San over the past 30 years, capturing images of events then, the impacts & residue of which can be tracked to images photographed again in 2015. Please book the date & be our guest at this exciting event.

Dream Museum Launch @ !Khwa ttuDream Museum Launch @ !Khwa ttu
You are invited

In conjunction we will also be launching on the 31st October the Museum Dream Exhibition, the culmination of a program focusing on a long held dream of the San to share their history from their perspective. This exhibition is a thought-provoking taste of what !Khwa ttu intends to materialise, namely a San museum and digital archive as a form of restitution for the First People of our land. We invite you to join us afterwards for a light lunch and Ormonde wine.

MTB Event @ !Khwa ttuMTB Events @ !Khwa ttu
See the Flowers from your bike

The prestigious Darling ttu mountain bike race will take place on 26 September 2015. Riders will enjoy the overwhelming natural beauty of West Coast flowers, incredible game encounters and breath-taking views while conquering the unique technical challenges of the routes. Contact our office for more information or go to  for more info. !Khwa ttu will be a hive of activity, packed with delicious & beautiful country contributions. Riders & non-riders can enjoy artisan foods, arts and crafts, home ware & décor, live entertainment and lots of fun activities for the kids.

Kids @ !Khwa ttuKids @ !Khwa ttu
Upcoming holiday activities

Make sure the kids have something to do this holiday. Book them at !Khwa ttu to join our school holiday program, where we make learning fun. We have several activities at !Khwa ttu that will allow a full experience of the San culture.
Kids will learn & experience fire-making, traditional jewellery making, learn tracking skills, & prepare their own lunch around the village camp.

The Cause @ !Khwa ttuThe Cause @ !Khwa ttu
What it's all about

At !Khwa ttu we offer San a safe learning environment. We share with them skills training and work experience, which enables them to participate in exciting projects to restore & share their culture & heritage. Through innovative responsible tourism, training, culture & nature projects !Khwa ttu plans to grow & improve upon the solid foundation laid by the organisation over the last 17 years. We thank you for continuous support.

At !Khwa ttu we offer San a safe learning environment

Spoilt for ChoiceStay @ !Khwa ttu
Spoilt for choic

We offer comfortable accommodation in a unique location for family, friends & small groups, a home away from home. Whether you are staying in one of our luxury houses or tented camps, make sure to take some time & enjoy a San guided tour, or simply take a walk on one of the self-guided trails to enjoy the beautiful flowers. 


Eat @ !Khwa ttu Eat @ !Khwa ttu

Local is Lekker

Whether it is our own totally free range game meat from the farm, or locally sourced produce. We buy local wherever possible & actively search out fair-trade suppliers. Our al la carte menu changes seasonally, through lighter platters & salads in the summer months, moving onto hearty soups & slow cooked main dishes in winter.                                                                 

Conferencing @ !Khwa ttu                                        Come meet here

Don't look any further, we have everything you'll need: a beautiful fully equipped conference room and great overnight packages to go with it. At !Khwa ttu we provide a comprehensive solution to ensure the success of your corporate function. Our conference room is ideal for 10-50 delegates at a time.

Did you know?

Only 12 000 years ago the world population was 10 million; all of those were hunters and gathers. Then in 19000 there were 3 billion people on earth & only 30 000 hunters & gathers. Today there are less than 113000 San in Southern Africa & over 7 billion people living on earth. Come & learn more at our new dream museum exhibition opening in October

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