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Dream museum

!Khwa ttu Summer Specials

!Khwa ttu introduce their Summer Specials. We are just 1 hours drive from Cape Town – and offer these AMAZING specials this summer. Get 50% discount on all San Guided Tours.

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Curator’s notes – Chris Low:

I have left the snows of England and am in  the middle of an all too brief stay at !Khwa ttu,  before flying to Toronto for a symposium on indigenous mental health. At !Khwa ttu   I am working closely with the Heritage team and the wider building team and staff.  Over the last week we…

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The ‘Dream Museum’ at !Khwa ttu

The ‘Dream Museum’ at !Khwa ttu, the world’s first heritage centre of the San people, will be composed of five distinct areas, each exploring an aspect of the life, culture and history of the San. In preparation for our opening in September the team at !Khwa ttu has become adept at keeping lots of balls…

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Development of a San Museum

A key focus of our culture project here at !Khwa ttu is the development of a San Museum. In its building phase we have been referring to it as The Dream Museum because it addresses the dreams of the San from all over Southern Africa. Development began back in 2015 and we are looking forward…

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