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2009 Imvelo Responsible Tourism ‘Investor in People’ Award

The Imvelo Responsible Tourism Awards recognise tourism and hospitality businesses that make a real, measurable and sustained contribution to responsible tourism.

They have a huge impact on tourism in Southern Africa, creating significant awareness of environmental management and social development issues in the industry.

The awards are in line with the responsible tourism guidelines for the South African hospitality industry and the UN World Tourism Organisation’s code of ethics. 

We would like to thank all San trainees, team members, consultant trainers, support organisations and of course, our donors, who have all contributed in making the !Khwa ttu training and education programme a success. This award will certainly encourage our trainees to excel! 

Golden Shield Heritage Award for Outstanding Community Project

!Khwa ttu was handed its award for a well-managed project, funded by the National Heritage Council, that delivered within the submitted project plan and particular set timeframes. The project contributes to changing lives in the communities it targets and towards making such communities aware of their heritage, derive economic benefit. It also contributes towards poverty alleviation and it empowers communities with skills for self-sustenance.

We were represented at the event by Jobe Gabototwe, from Kedia, Botswana, who completed our San Community-based Tourism curriculum in 2011 and who has since been part of the centre’s first San Curators Programme. Jobe accepted the award with the words “!ke e: /xarra //ke”, which is the motto on South Africa’s coat of arms and which translates as "diverse people unite" from the language of the |Xam people who used to roam the lands on which !Khwa ttu has been situated since 2006.

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