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Our work at !Khwa ttu gives us the opportunity to help make a difference to the lives of the San, to the environment near us and to offer our guests memorable experiences.

We will continue to play a role to work towards making !Khwa ttu a sustainable project that brings in enough income to support itself, to create further training opportunities for many other needy San and to support initiatives so we will have a continuous impact on the conservation of our land and the environment.

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Latest news

New Heritage Centre at !Khwa ttu reclaims the San’s voice

If you don’t know where you came from, how can you know who you are? As South Africans celebrated their diverse roots on Heritage Day, one group of people reclaimed their voice and their story – a story that has always been told by others. 
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!Khwa ttu Heritage Centre opened on 24 September 2018

On Heritage Day, 2018, the only heritage centre in the world dedicated to the San opened at !Khwa ttu. It is a remarkable resource, with three interlinked elements – the Heritage Centre building at !Khwa ttu, community satellites, and a digital archive.
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