Spring Flower Ride

Venue: !Khwa ttu, R27 West Coast Road, Yzerfontein

For entries and more info visit: www.darlingttu.co.za

Last year in October the Darling ttu 24-hour Enduro took place at !Khwa ttu. This was a MTB race different from any other race. The challenge was to endure 24 hours of riding on a fast purpose build single track while withstanding the challenges of a 24 hour braai fire, beer tent, live music and much more.

People who ride 24-hour events do it for themselves, it can become a massive physical challenge that slams your fitness goals. It is a way to ask the body to push to new limits. But it is a race where you always finish with a smile.

This event is as much for those who are competitive and who wanted to stretch limits as it is for those who want to have a fun weekend of eat, drink, laugh, kuier, camp and some serious riding. Manus Bester said after the race: ”Our team came to enjoy the riding, we planned to give it all till sunset and then to seriously relax, take out our cool box and to light our fire but then half way through the race the Jack Russel in me kicked in and all of us pushed ourselves – we went flat out on throughout the night and gave it all we had.”

24-hour racing is a blast, specially as darkness falls when you smell the braai fires and enjoy our spectacular African Southern Skies. Some riders stayed out riding all night, some partied all night and some just sat around talking. That’s the joy of 24-hours, do what you like and nobody really minds. But the time keepers never go to sleep. Darling ttu uses a tag clipcard attached to the bike, and a wide awake time keepers to clipped and recorded each lap. Each rider can at all times check their laps.

The Darling ttu 24hr Endurance event is a collaboration between Darling Creamery, !Khwa ttu and I Love Yzer. They are all passionate about the West Coast and creating new events and opportunities to experience the beauty of the region. John Loubser wrote in the Ride magazine of December 2016 that everything else as promised, on their website, was there and lots more. I have to give a huge shout out to this team, they really thought of everything. Do not miss this event taking place 30 September 2017.