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!Khwa ttu provides accommodation in a beautiful setting and an informative experience Showing visitors the traditional ways in a replica village on the property Sunset over the replica traditional village at !Khwa ttu


Anna at Clara Anna Fontein

While the !Khwa ttu team members enjoyed their winter break, Anna Ais, the young trainee guide from Namibia, took the opportunity to gain more practical experience. During the interview she expressed deep appreciation for having been invited for a four-week internship at the game reserve and country lodge Clara Anna Fontein, near Durbanville.  She spoke enthusiastically about the experiences she gained in the various sections of the lodge. 

“Many visitors come for game drives and others come for conferences. A group of youth held a workshop on capacity-building while I was there. Actually, I would have liked to join them,” Anna reports. She continues talking about the peacefulness of her adopted home and her supportive colleagues. Since the majority of the visitors were English-speakers she had ample opportunity to apply “my English, which improved so much during the training course at !Khwa ttu”.





To once again come in close contact with yet another culture – the ‘Cape coloureds’ – was another highlight for Anna. “Till now [six weeks after she had left the lodge] my former colleagues still call me and sent encouraging emails. They still care about me”, she emphasizes the warm camaraderie she felt among her colleagues.






With recharged energy Anna joined the cleaning department upon her homecoming to !Khwa ttu. She also continued serving food and drinks at the restaurant, always sparing a minute for an animated chat with the patrons.

Armed with a level 1 field guide certificate and a wealth of practical experience Anna was confident to find a job soon after her return to Namibia at the end of the year 2009. For more information on Clara Anna Fontein

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